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„Connecting through photography“ at ISI, session #2 October 2021

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

5th October 2021 the 2nd session in the series "Connecting through photography - Networking events for migrant women” took place. This time we had the opportunity to meet in person, in Berlin, at ISI - Initiative Selbständiger Immigrantinnen e.V.

Once again I was convinced of how great Points of You® cards work, how they open our hearts and minds, how they make us see more, allow us to stop and rediscover important topics.

This time we worked with both: The Coaching Game and The Faces. I feel it is a great combination that presents even more insightful experiences.

Life stories, photography, words, our reflections and perspectives. All this connects us, allows us to open up. We get to know new cultures, we share our perception of the world. It turns out that we often don't realise how close we are to each other. Some of us are just about to decide to launch new initiatives, start projects or have been working and creating for a long time. Interesting is also to hear and to see ourselves in other people's stories. We have time to stop, to take a fresh look at things.

I felt joy when one of the participants shared her success, which I have been able to follow since a few months. It is also wonderful to know that we are finding a time to meet each other, new collaborations and friendships are being formed.

Thank you for a beautiful time together!

Registration and info about our next session you can find here:

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