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Meet the Photographer

I believe photography connects us. 

I am an educator - pedagogue and photographer from Tychy, south of Poland, living and creating in Berlin. 
I graduated with a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Pedagogy, then I decided to learn at the Postgraduate Academy of Business Trainers and to study photography.


My love of working with people and creativity make photoshoots and workshops with me truly relaxed and natural. That is how I like to work and support others. My work is known for its natural 'reportage' style, emotion visualization and the power of storytelling.

As a trained Points of You® workshop provider, I combine a passion for learning development and coaching with a love for photography.

My strong points are using therapeutic photography techniques to develop soft skills, team building, self-confidence, and creativity. 

Teaching about the healing aspects of photography gives me lots of joy, as well as reinforces to me how much it matters to others. With a strong interest in the natural environment, my attention to detail and the area surrounding my subject can be seen in my work.

I love what I do
I do what I love

What Clients Are Saying

"Joanna is an artist with whom I immediately connected.

I felt at ease with her and discovered a part of myself that I didn't know I had.


Taking pictures with her is like a moment of peace and relaxation.

I highly recommend working with her. Very fond of nature and harmony, she has a creative and noble soul.


Contact her!"

Marina de Palma - Musician


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