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„Connecting through Photography“ at ISI, session #6 April 2022.

We started our session with a powerful way to get to know ourselves through the observation of others, over 100 black and white photographs - the Points of You game "Faces" brought us together, with our experiences and mood of today. This amazing tool supported us to get to know each other, and better understand where we are today in life and career. "Faces" are like psychological mirrors, allowing us to view each other and get to know ourselves better. Points of You® Faces tool is useful for coaches, psychologists, educators, and personal development trainers. It is designed primarily for deep individual work, but it also allows you to conduct inspiring workshops or group coaching.

The second part of our event was filled with actions, we read short guidance on taking photos of each other, lots of smiles came, we were trying different positions, light, finding a space for having a moment with our partners and sharing our methods of taking photographs.

Here I would like to share also a few thoughts from participants:

„The photography meeting was great. Joanna created a mystical atmosphere among women who love photography. The participants are great photographers who are eager to express their inner world and show it to the outside world. I was very happy to meet them.” Laura

„Very lovely, we shared our experiences as women and photographers, we did a very nice exercise to identify our emotions using portraits and at the end we took portraits of each other inspired by short sentences Joanna gave us. Inspiring day!” Mari

„It was a very nice and inspiring evening. I love how photography talks and reflects everyone's inner world and how it is possible to share part of it through this visual language. I think photography always helps to talk about emotions and connect on a different level with people who we have never met or maybe already know. It also helps to reflect oneself . Thank you Joanna and everyone who participated to have made this sharing possible!” Marion

I'm always surprised by how beautifully photography connects us, how powerful it is, how open us to speaking our truth. Participants are surprised and ready for more exploration of ourselves and others. I'm very happy to have this chance here in Berlin to engage people with the theme - Photography in coaching, it is fascinating for me to discover more and more about how supports us, our well-being, our career and life.

Thank you Laura, Marion, Mari, Funda, Diya, Caroline and Daniela for a beautiful time together!

If you would like to meet female photography enthusiasts, you can find registration link here:

The networking event series is free, places are limited. The event is organized as part of English-language course and event series and is aimed exclusively at international women residing in Berlin.

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