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„Connecting through Photography“ at ISI, session #3 November 2021.

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Among us are Women from Japan, Italy, England, Poland, Tunisia, France, Turkey. Berlin citizens who have come here from all over the world. Writers, photographers, managers, artists, teachers, coaches, students. Those who have just arrived in Berlin, as well as those who have already lived here for quite a long time.

We have lots in common: we are all eager to grow, to meet others, make new friends and most of all to seek a fresh perspectives on our life, art and businesses. We are happy to exchange thoughts, get to know each other and discover new truths about ourselves. Every meeting means something more to learn, something more to remember about and someone more to get to know.

It was a very good session, a very good time! Time together with other Women, how can it be...? Whenever we are truly here with each other, there is Power!

Each meeting I prepare in a different way in terms of the topics so that we can work on another aspect of our life. The third, November meeting was about Leader in Me. It's quite a broad topic, so it was good to take a look at it. How do I see the role of a leader, what influences me and my decisions, who is the leader in me? What does this concept mean to me? What kind of leader am I today, and what might that look like in the future? What actions can I take to get where I want to be? These were just some of the questions we asked ourselves, photography and words helped us to construct answers. It was wonderful to see how the participants, deep elaborated on this topic, how details were revealed, leading to the outline of the most appropriate path for oneself at that moment.

Once again Points of You - The Coaching Game and The Faces proved their power.

What happened during our session was amazing, during the next few days I received a lot of messages from the participants, they were moved by the process. Some of them felt that it was the right moment to take action, they also wrote about successes that happened right after our meeting. It gives wings, it makes me want to do this work, to create more sessions for us. Being aware of the results, taking even the smallest steps, constantly working on myself, sadnesses and joys, stories once more time reflected together.

Dorcaf, Nathalie, Funda, Carolyn, Lorema, Shima and Christina!

Thank you all for the great and lightening experience!

Registration and info about our next session you can find here:

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